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Acorns In Eldwick Private Day Nursery


Health and Safety

At Acorns Group we recognize the importance of health and safety within the Nursery and keeping children safe is our top priority.

All staff employed by the Nursery undergo DBS clearance checking to ensure they are suitable to work with children.




Acorns Group employs Health and Safety advisors to ensure that we are kept up to date with the latest legislation and we have a designated Health and Safety Officer who has a relevant training certificate to hold this role. Our Health and Safety Officer operates a rolling program where Risk Assessments and health and safety checks are carried out every month of the year. Our Health and Safety file is a working document which is constantly monitored and updated. Staff within the Nursery also undergo Health and Safety training during the year and the Nursery keeps ahead of any changes to legislation.

Acorns Group also has a designated Safeguarding children Officer who is fully trained in matters of child protection. We have a Child Protection Policy in place and staff are given training on safeguarding issues and the Nursery maintains a record of all training undertaken.




The Nursery operates a Biometric security access system at the main entrance to the Nursery and only staff and parents who are registered on the system can gain access to the building. This systems enables us to monitor all entry to the building and screen all visitors.

C.C.T.V. operates in all classes throughout the Nursery to enable us to monitor and record any incidents which we feel may be necessary to safeguard our staff and children. The main unit is in the Managers office and visuals are maintained throughout the day of each class.

Intercoms and panic buttons are installed in all the classrooms and these are linked up to the Managers office for instant communication at all times. This gives staff and Management the opportunity of being able to communicate instantly without having to physically leave their stations in an emergency.

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