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Acorns In Eldwick Private Day Nursery


About Us

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Acorns Nursery is based on inclusion and the belief that a wide foundation of skills, knowledge, attitudes, and self-confidence created in a child's early years will provide a firm base on which all aspects of education will be built. We create an enabling environment that is safe, motivating, exciting and caring, in order for our children to develop high self-esteem. We believe that children flourish best in an environment where everyone knows what is expected of them, and where they are free to develop their play and learning without fear of being hurt or hindered by anyone else. The philosophy is encapsulated in our mission statement, commitments and aims.

We believe that for a child to grow and develop they need to feel secure, and at Acorns our dedicated and committed practitioners will provide a safe, happy and relaxed environment, where you as a parent/carer can feel comfortable leaving your child.  We will encourage your child to express themselves, promoting self-confidence, independence and development.

Our Commitments

At Acorns Group our aims are to uphold the four principle themes of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework which underpin the effective practice in the care, development and learning of the young child:


The Unique Child

We recognise every child is unique and we encourage children to become confident and independent learners. We aim to nurture the enquiring mind and help children build confidence, self-esteem and respect for themselves and others. We aim to help children build upon their natural curiosity, so that they are able to develop their physical, emotional, social and cognitive skills.

Positive Relationships

We aim to help children build positive relationships through social interaction and friendships with their peers and their key person. We work closely with our parents to create a bridge between the nursery and home. Our staff are dedicated to the needs of the children and listen with warmth and understanding. We give our children respect and encourage them to regard each other, their place within the family unit, the nursery environment and their communities.



Enabling Environment

We aim to provide an environment which is safe and enriched with learning and loving experiences. We aim to provide indoor and outdoor experiences which are safe, yet varied allowing for adventure. Our rooms are designed to allow for a balance of free expression and choice, offering both child led and adult led experiences in harmonious balance.

Learning and Development

We encourage children to explore everything around them, using their 5 senses. We do this by providing environments that are enriched with opportunities that let children take as much, or as little as they wish, for their own personal development. We follow the revised EYFS curriculum (2012), which focuses on the seven areas of learning. Progress is monitored by way of ongoing observations and assessments which are evident in the children's Personal Profiles.  


We are committed to working closely, in partnership with our parents, as we recognize that they are their child's ‘first educators’. We respect and value our parent’s views and opinions and use these to continuously improve our provision and strive for Excellence.

At Acorns we are committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle, by meeting the physical and emotional needs of our children. In addition, we always ensure that our environments are clean and safe for children to thrive in.

Our children’s safety and welfare is of paramount importance to us and it is our duty and responsibility to safeguard and protect children from any harm. To this end we have put in place rigorous safeguarding arrangements.

Aim and Objectives

We believe that children are at their most receptive during the first 5 years of their lives and our aim is therefore to provide a happy, loving and stimulating environment, where children are encouraged to develop socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically.


To achieve this, our objectives are to:

➛    Create a wide range of play / curricular activities that provide a stimulating happy and safe learning environment for our children that links to each child's interests and next steps
➛    Develop warm, caring and trusting relationships with children, encouraging them to explore, assess risk and make safe choices, whilst under the watchful eyes of our practitioners.
➛    Help every child discover their individual strengths and reach their full potential
➛    Prepare our children for the opportunities and challenges of our rapidly changing world
➛    Ensure that each child is free to develop at his/her own pace, guided by our practitioners 
➛    Acknowledge and recognise our children’s efforts, resulting in a sense of worth and achievement
➛    Ensure that every child receives excellent quality care and a broad and balanced education
➛    Safeguard and protect all the children in our care
➛    Maintain a safe, caring, happy community, where every child matters and feels safe, nurtured, respected, loved and supported
➛    Encourage respect for each other and the environment through British Values
➛    Help children to become self-motivating, self-disciplined, confident and independent thinkers
➛    Nurture the spiritual, moral, social, emotional and physical wellbeing of each individual child
➛    Build strong and close bonds with parents, to help shape and create an open and welcoming nursery, that continuously strives for excellence, for the children.
➛    Develop and promote lively and inquisitive minds with the desire and skill to explore new ideas
➛    Foster a sense of awe and wonder and develop natural curiosity, so children enjoy learning in and out of our Nursery
➛    Encourage our children to believe in themselves, while equipping them with the fundamental skills to enjoy and achieve in life
➛    Encourage our children to develop their imagination and creativity, beyond reality


At Acorns, our intention is to develop an ethos in which all our children thrive. Diversity and differences are valued, respected and celebrated by all. These aspects will always contribute to the richness of our nursery life and the learning, therein.

Life At Our Nurseries


Starting at nursery is enormously beneficial for children and their families, yet it can be an anxious time too.  At Acorns, we understand that the first time your child is separated from you, can be a very upsetting experience for both you and your child.  Our caring and well trained practitioners will offer support and help to make this difficult process, a much happier and less traumatic experience.

Before your child starts with us, we will arrange a couple of ‘settling in’ visits, where you and your child will be invited to come into the nursery to stay and play with us, thereby enabling you and your child get to know the staff, the children and the environment. 

At your first settling in visit, both you and your child will spend an hour in the room together. This gives you and your child a great opportunity to familiarise yourselves with the new surroundings.  At this first meeting we will get to know more about your child’s daily routines, including sleep patterns, likes/dislikes, their favourite activities and books, any allergies or areas of concern etc.

At your second settling in visit, we ask you to leave your child in our care to enable us to start the bonding process between your child, the staff and other children in the room. 

Once your child has settled in the nursery and bonds have formed between the practitioners and your child, a keyperson will be allocated.  This can take up to two weeks after they move into their new room.

Because each child is different, some children settle quicker than others. To address this, we offer as many settling in visits as is needed, to ensure that your child is comfortable, happy, and ready for their first day with us.

Please note we take admissions for a minimum of 2x full days per week as this allows children to settle better and bond both with both the staff and other children.


As your child becomes older and more confident they will gradually be introduced to the next room. The transition period is very flexible and will take into account the individual needs of the  child.

As transition time approaches your child will start to make visits to the next room.  You and your child will be invited to visit the new room, meet the staff and have a look around together at  the displays and the resources and equipment.

Transition Week 1 - Your child will spend an hour or so each day in their new room with their existing keyperson, getting to know the environment and the children and staff already there.  

Transition Week 2 - Your child will spend two hours in their new room. Their existing keyperson,  will spend a short amount of time with your child in the room, but will leave when your child  feels comfortable

Transition Week 3 – Your child will spend a morning/afternoon in their new room and will have a meal there.  By now your child will be gravitating toward a particular practitioner and it is at this time, that we will allocate a keyperson to your child. 

Transition Week 4 - Your child should still be dropped into their current room but will then spend the majority of the day in their new room including afternoon nap time and will return for tea and collection to their current room. At this stage the Room Leader and / or existing keyperson will discuss your child’s progress and readiness for full transition, full transition will be sensitive to your child’s individual needs. If you have any questions about this process, please contact your key worker or the Centre Manager.


We completely embrace partnership and proactively work with our parents, local schools, the local community, Bradford Early Years and the Bradford SENCO.          


We work with our parents in a variety of ways, but the primary vehicle for the development of the nursery in through our Parent Partnership Group (PPG) which was established in February 2016.  We want to give our parents a voice in the shaping and development of the nursery, to be our ‘Critical Friend’ who holds us to account for ensuring that the children in our care, got the best possible start in life, through high quality provision. 

The Parents involved are volunteers from each room, who represent other parents in that room. 

They attend regular meetings with the whole management team, where we look at a range of issues affecting the nursery including:

  •      •  Progress of previous actions set
  •      •  New Developments across the provision
  •      •  Any legislative changes affecting the nursery
  •      •  News Items
  •      •  Staff starters and leavers and changers
  •      •  Audits/Inspections
  •      •  Feedback from our parents
  •      •  Actions agreed to go forward

These meetings are minuted and shared with the Parent Partnership members and other parents who want to see them.

Their continuous commitment, diligence, support and foresight is always instrumental in the delivery the aim and objectives of the nursery

Local Schools

We have good working relationships with the local schools and each year we complete our summative reports of the children’s transitioning to the primary school. We invite the schools to visit us to meet the children and spend one to one time with them to ease that transition. 

The school closest to us is Eldwick Primary School, who share the care of the children who access both settings daily.  This relationship was established several years ago, prior to the introduction of the extended 30 hour offer for 3 to 4-year-old children, as we both recognized that parents like choice and should be afforded that choice. To make this happen, the school provide a walking bus each day, whereby they drop children off to us from their school nursery and pick up the children going to the school nursery in the afternoon.

Local Community

Each year, the local Eldwick Community hold a Spring Gala, which we have been actively involved in.  The children and their parents have supported this event with us, walking in the parade, preparing the costumes for the children and helping on the stall.  In addition, they have worked with us to collect gifts for the stall.  All the proceeds go to charity, including the Keighley Food bank, the Salvation Army, The Autistic Society and other children’s charities.Through the year we also hold charitable events to raise money, and at our annual Shoe Box Appeal, the local community have joined in to ensure that as many children, who suffer disadvantage across Bradford District, get presents at Christmas.

Bradford Early Years

We have established excellent working relationships with Bradford Early Years and Bradford’s SENCO, who continue to support our development.



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